Half Dollars

Image Description Price
Image 1805 O-104, R.5. Good-6 The obverse is light gray while the reverse has a dark smudge of charcoal in the center. A quite rare variety. $350.00
Image 1806 Pointed 6, O-116, R.3. Stem VG8 ANACS. The deep lavender fields have attractive contrast. Relatively unabraded for the grade, although the reverse has a minor rim ding at 9 o'clock. $299.00
Image 1807 Draped Bust, O-105, R.2. Cleaned VF Details, Net F15.  This is a well centered coin with moderate wear that is most readily evident toward the centers. There are no sizeable handling marks, but both sides have been cleaned and retoned in deep charcoal color. $450.00
Image 1808 O-107, Scratched ANACS, Fine Details, Net VG8, deeply toned in charcoal and lavender-copper shades, an "X" has been scratched into the upper reverse field.  $55.00
Image 1814 O-109, VF Details. Heavily clashed on both sides, which is often seen on this variety.     $199.00
Image 1814/3 XF Details, Net VF30, O-101a, a late die state, Liberty's portrait retains generally bold definition.  $350.00
Image 1817 Capped Bust, Punctuated date variety. AU Cleaned.  SOLD
Image 1844-O AU-50, ANACS. $225.00
Image 1853 Arrows and Rays, XF40 Details. $225.00
Image 1857 AU50 Details.  $175.00
Image 1858-S AU58 Details. ANACS. Although cleaned this piece is a WB-103 and cross referenced to MPD-001. Listed as an R-5, the census shows a total of 13 specimens with only 6 in XF/AU and 1 in Mint State. Indeed a very interesting coin.  $600.00