Half Cents

Image Description Price
Image 1804 C-6, Manley Die State 9.2, VF-30 light scratches but still a collectable grade.   $175.00
Image 1806 C-4, Large 6, With Stems VG-10--Rotated Dies--ANACS.  $90.00
Image 1809/6 C-5, XF-45, a few reverse spots are noted.  $265.00
Image 1809 C-3, AU Details, Net XF40, R.1, a small area of granularity near stars 8 and 9, pin scratches on the bust truncation and above the bust. The reverse has a similar spot near the "ES" in STATES.  $225.00
Image 1828 C-2, 12 Stars VF-20, very popular Redbook variety.   $85.00
Image 1828 C-3, 13 Stars VF-30 Brown.   $80.00
Image 1828, 13 Stars XF-45 Cleaned & Scratch. $95.00
Image 1832 C-1, Fine-15 with a brown patina. Some very light verdigris.   $60.00
Image 1832 C-3, XF-40, R.1. The olive-green and golden-brown patina is unnaturally light. The obverse has a couple of minor scratches and Star doubling. Sharply struck and with ample detail. The D in United, second S in STATES, A & M in America are recut.  SOLD
Image 1833 C-1, R1 Half Cent. AU. Sharp but lightly toning in orange-brown and medium brown colors. A few light marks on the obverse portrait, but not all that many on either side.  $155.00
Image 1834 C-1, R1 Half Cent. XF. Sharp and retoned in bright pink, blue-violet, and light green iridescent tones. No individually mentionable marks.  $115.00
Image 1834 C-1, AU Details, R.1, sharp and with golden - brown surfaces.  SOLD
Image 1835 C.1, Very Fine-35  $100.00
Image 1850 C.1, About Uncirculated-55. Lightly cleaned in the past, now retoned.  $225.00
Image 1853 C.1, About Uncirculated-55. Glossy chestnut brown surfaces feature well struck devices.  SOLD

Large Cents

Image Description Price
Image 1795 S-78 Plain Edge. SEGS Fine-12. Smooth brown surfaces.  $799.00
Image 1797 S-121b, Rev 96 Gripped Edge. Good-6.  $250.00
Image 1797 S-139, Rev. of '97. Stems. Fine-12. This deep brown example is well centered with full denticles. The obverse is somewhat softly struck.  $335.00
Image 1800/79 S-196, Over date 80 over 79. R1. Style II Hair. VG-10. Mostly glossy olive and steel brown. The surfaces are decent but do show microscopic roughness in the fields and protected areas. No verdigris, and the only notable mark is a small pinprick in the field off the forehead. The date is bold and the Overdate is strong.  HOLD
Image 1802 S-230, --Corroded--, VF Details, Net Fine 12, R.1, a rough purple and tan example;  $175.00
Image 1802 S-231, Very Fine-25. This example has strong details, but does show quite a bit of shallow porosity.  $350.00
Image 1802 S-234, VG-8, R.4, Harder to find than most people think.  $350.00
Image 1802 S-241, Fine-15,  $250.00
Image 1816 N-7, Fine-15;   SOLD
Image 1817 N-15, (R-4). Very Fine-20;  SOLD
Image 1818 N-8, Very Fine-20; Closed Bun.  $125.00
Image 1821 N-2, Very Fine-20; Corroded   $275.00
Image 1822 N-4, Very Good-8. Essentially problem-free, Very dark.  $35.00
Image 1823/2, Corroded ANACS. VF30 Details N-1. Small Clip.  $650.00
Image 1825 N-3, (R-4). Very Fine-20.  $175.00
Image 1831 N-12, Small Letters. Very Fine-30 $175.00
Image 1833 N-2, Very Fine-20 $85.00
Image 1837 N-4, Very Fine-30. Reasonably bold.  SOLD
Image 1837 Plain Cords Medium Letters, VF30 Cleaned;  $80.00 
Image 1840 N-2, Small Date over Large 18, R.2, XF Details, Net VF-30 Nicely detailed.  $325.00
Image 1847 Extremely Fine-40, surface residue, rim nick.  $85.00
Image 1849 N-26, (R-4). Point from 'E' of ONE. XF-45  $250.00
Image 1850, AU50 Cleaned;  $125.00
Image 1852, XF45 PCGS, the 2 in the date is faintly re-cut, an olive-brown Cent. $120.00
Image 1853 N-32, (R-5) AU50 Brown NGC $299.00
Image 1854 N-7, XF45, R.2; the first 1 in date is embedded within the bust, the 4 is recut and appears to be doubled. This is a scarcer Die State A variety.  $125.00
Image 1855 Slanted 55 N-10, XF45 ANACS, R.1, light tan and olive color, minor obverse peripheral verdigris, a relatively unabraded example.   $140.00
Image 1855 Knob on Ear N-9, XF45 ANACS, R.1, Die State f with a branch below the Y in LIBERTY, a spectacular Guide Book variety, golden-brown patina with traces of verdigris at the borders, richly detailed and attractive.  SOLD

Indian Cents

Image Description Price
Image 1860 1. XF40 ANACS. $55.00
Image 1861 1. VF30 ANACS  SOLD
Image 1862 1. MS62 PCGS.  SOLD
Image 1864 1. CN PCGS MS63  $240.00
Image 1865 1. Fancy 5 MS63 Red and Brown NGC.  $170.00
Image 1875 AU Details Bn, with brown corrosion spot on the obverse. Net XF  $85.00
Image 1880 1. MS63 Brown NGC, well struck, with medium brown, glossy surfaces. $100.00
Image 1881 1. MS64 Red NGC. Ex. Richmond Collection  $325.00
Image 1883 1.MS63 Brown NGC, gold, crimson, and blue patina. $90.00
Image 1890 1. MS64 Red NGC. NGC Census: (40/19)  $425.00
Image 1893 1. MS63 Red and Brown NGC.  $85.00
Image 1894/4 1. Doubled Date AU58 NGC. FS-011, Snow-1. This is one of the most dramatic re-punched date varieties in the Indian cent series. Pleasing chestnut brown surfaces with few abrasions or spots. An important variety.  $525.00
Image 1894 1. MS64 Brown NGC, medium olive-brown, with a couple of small ticks on the cheek;  $145.00
Image 1895 1. MS63 Brown NGC, golden-brown, with a few flecks;  $60.00
Image 1896 1. MS63 Brown NGC, muted brown surfaces, especially on the reverse.  $70.00
Image 1897 1. MS64 Brown NGC, well struck, with reddish-brown patina;  $95.00
Image 1898 1. MS64 Red and Brown PCGS.  $125.00
Image 1899 1. MS64 Brown NGC, medium reddish-brown, with a fleck on the lower headdress  $125.00
Image 1900 1. MS63 Red and Brown NGC.  $70.00
Image 1901 1. MS64 Red and Brown NGC.  $99.00
Image 1902 1. MS64 Brown NGC, lustrous reddish-orange coloration.  $75.00
Image 1903 1. MS64 Brown NGC.  $75.00
Image 1904 1. MS63 Red and Brown SEGS, muted cherry-red and orange surfaces.  $55.00
Image 1904 1. MS64 Red and Brown PCGS. Old green holder.  $105.00
Image 1905 1. MS64 Red and Brown NGC  $105.00
Image 1906 1. MS63 Red and Brown NGC  $60.00
Image 1907 1. MS65 Brown NGC. Boldly struck, save for typical weakness on the feather-tips of the headdress, with unmarked surfaces that are blanketed by a deep, rich coating of mahogany and charcoal-brown colors.  $120.00
Image 1908 1. MS65 Brown NGC. NGC Census: (35/5). PCGS Population (1/0)  $120.00
Image 1908-S 1. AU50 ANACS, Cleaned Unc Details.  SOLD
Image 1908-S 1. MS64 Red and Brown NGC. Boldly struck, with typical softness on the feather-tips, rich red-gold and brownish-green toning on the reverse, and the pale tan-beige color of a "white" Indian cent on the obverse, where streaky and mottled russet patina is also present. Carefully preserved and nearly mark-free. $625.00
Image 1909 1. MS64 Red and Brown NGC.  $105.00

Lincoln Cents

Image Description Price
Image 1929 MS64 Brown NGC.  $34.00
Image 1931-S NGC 45 BN Dark reddish brown toning. Modest minute ticks and scuffs. A trace of darker tone in the left obverse field.  $110.00
Image 1931-S AU50--Brown, Cleaned--ANACS, Unc Details.  $125.00 
Image 1931-D AU58 Brown ANACS  $40.00
Image 1935 MS65 Red NGC.   $45.00
Image 1937-D MS67 Red NGC. Full mint orange-red Superb Gem, that looks as fresh as if it were just minted a week ago. Virtually blemish-free, there are only a few carbon specks on the obverse, and three or four small blue-gray toning spots on the reverse.  $75.00
Image 1937 MS66 Red NGC, vibrant orange and olive colors, a well struck and impressive Gem $30.00
Image 1941-D MS66 Red NGC, rich gold and olive hues, lustrous, seemingly pristine fields.  $30.00
Image 1943-D MS66 PCGS... $32.00
Image 1946-D MS66 Red PCGS... $27.00
Image 1949-D MS66 Red NGC... $28.00
Image 1954-D MS67 Red ANACS... $30.00
Image 1955-S MS66 Red PCGS... $23.00
Image 1960-D Small Date MS66 Red PCGS... $46.00